Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

The most memorable one?! hmm…perhaps 6th April 2009…that’s the beginning day with my current gf. How was it happened actually? That time, we had rehearsal for the role play presentation at afternoon. After that, we went for our university Wushu performance with bunch of friends. So, the way to our university…something was happened>>> my gf was crossing the road, and one car passed by that time…the moment you would thought is, embrace her hand and cross the road…just that simple. It works after all!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miss The Old Days We Had Together…







All da people had a big smile on their faces…:P such an unbelievable moment that we could still gathered together and having fun. Everyone is heading with their own path of life, and yet, with just one day and one place could make the people connecting with each other. Isn’t it great? :P A smile could sweep all over the problems and sadness. Cheers…

Sushi Zanmai

Last 2 days, I went to Sushi Zanmai with friends for dinner. The food was actually quite okay, but I still think Senjyu Sushi is much better than Zanmai in terms of price, food quality and the atmosphere. Anyway, Sushi Zanmai’s LouSang also not bad, at least nicer than Chinese style.




We (KC, Chris, SooHooi, and I) have waited for Vinze and WaiKei quite a long time…argh, darn starved! what to do? order appetizer first to fill up part of the stomach. :)


DSC_0463 here’s my appetizer, Salmon with Fish Roe Temaki. Rating: 2.5/5



KC and SooHooi’s appetizer, sort of the sushi types.


DSC_0468my dinner, forgot the name of it. But, it is rice with beef…Rating: 3/5


DSC_0472 KC’s dinner – again, forgot the name of it…sort like chicken teriyaki?



woohoo…Japanese’s style LouSang. Yummylicious, fresh enough! *drools* Rating: 4.5/5


DSC_0484 Green Tea ice cream with corn flakes, chocalate syrup, cream, jelly. Not bad la. Rating: 3.5/5


DSC_0479 (2)

HengDai (KC with Chris)


DSC_0490  blurry sotong, don’t be shy la…see here pleaseee :)


DSC_0488 Ocha tea as alcohol??!! haha…let’s yumseng!


That’s all the dinner….after that, we all went to Vinze’s house to get angpau and hanging around there for a while. Not bad, a enjoyable day. :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lovely Gift



After I have find this from Cold Storage at KL area, I also not able to find it. Finally got chance to try this snacks, Doritos!!! Thanks Piggy! So curious where does she found Doritos, coz I were told that Malaysia and Singapore didn’t import this snacks anymore?! Actually, it could be bought from Singapore =.= And, thanks piggy for giving me such a surprise via parcel, and the card too. I love it! :P

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day

It has been a while didn’t update my blog…let’s refresh a bit :) Yesterday went to The Curve for free movie – Valentine’s Day by Nuffnang and window shopping. CNY is around the corner, The Curve has been decorated by tanglung and bamboos…it didn’t look pretty good and kind of awkward using tanglung as a theme for CNY, supposedly tanglung is for mooncake festival…am i right?
















Garden Restaurant is finally available at The Curve! Its location totally strategic lo…obviously crowd would notice it with its white theme.






It was dinner time!!! First, we wanted to try Tony Roma’s restaurant. But due to to superb price, we walked out from the restaurant. Damn paiseh la, coz the waitress had given us the napkins…anyway, we went to try out Senjyu Sushi restaurant that nearby McD inside the Cineleisure Mall.




What we have ordered???


DSC_0286Unagi Don, RM16.90


DSC_0292Salmon Ikura Don, RM19.90  


DSC_0324Sencha, RM2



Pig is drinking her cold Sencha…





Food rating: 4/5. Definitely I would go there next time, to try out the Wagyu Beef!!! (when I have extra money for such luxury beef) Anyway, the food is tastes good!! Far much better than Sushi King and even Sushi Zanmai, most importantly, the price is acceptable and affordable.


valentine’s day event by Mixfm, hosted by Rudy and Ferhad


DSC_0335 I do love the admission ticket card!! simply lovely design…



That’s called a day, love it! movie is okay, comedy + drama movie. And, I take this chance to say, Happy Valentine’s Day to my pigpig as I would not able to celebrate with her on that day due to CNY. So, this outing would be considered as the celebration for it. :P Love.